Welcome to the pop shop.

We provide pretty things to brighten up walls and interiors. Popular media for walls and gifts.

POPmedia is dedicated to providing high quality photography, illustration and design works from Brighton based photographer Jim Stokes. You can check out his professional work at www.jimstokesphotography.com


I’ve been a graphic designer and photographer for over 15 years and it is a pleasure to finally be able to provide my prints direct to people who want a little colour on their wall or want to pass on a little present to friends and family.

I focus mainly on an appreciation of the natural world, the weather and architecture – frequently a combination of all three. But really its about always seeing life through a lens and needing to create something out of that.

“Little prints for little places” are prints from my Instagram shots and are designed to provide affordable slices of natural beauty – something colourful, inspiring and uplifting to brighten up the increasingly little places that we inhabit these days. Perfect little pressies to spread around some colour.

The “premium collection” are large format works from my professional photography and personal assignments.

“Design works” and “Doodles” are direct from my sketchy pens and pencils and my design studio. Something a little more contemporary to move the grey matter along.

All shots are provided unframed and on high quality photo paper and will be posted to UK addresses within 4 working days of receipt of your completed order. European shipping is available on request and will be added to the site in the near future.

Ikea Ribba frames work great with the larger pieces and the “little prints for little places” work really well in square #Instaframe available form www.hhj-trading.co.uk – at least that’s what I use at home.

I hope you find something to fill a wall space – let me know if you need anything.


Jim Stokes 2017